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Witches & Wizards

Gendered. They are humans that stumble across the magical and take up a school of knowledge (witchcraft or wizardry). Most need familiars to navigate the supernatural world (usually shifters). They need to channel their powers through a book, amulet, rune, etc. Their powers are only limited by what they can read/learn (necromancy for example). However, if a demon or angel takes control of them, they can’t break free like warlocks. They also can’t summon ghosts, demons, and angels without the aid of specific arcane spells that run the risk of binding their souls.

Witches often set themselves up in family or mafia lines, passing down the spellbooks and powerful relics that let them use magic through blood relatives or people in their coven. This has lead to certain witch families being known for specializing in certain types of magic. Witches have access to certain “common” spells most supernatural people are aware of, if not being able to use themselves, but certain witch families have items of magic they are keeping for their own power. An element of this spellcasting also involves prestidigitation in order to throw off other magic users to the secret of their spell.

Covens are made up of thirteen senior witches who have “come into their power”. Witches who aren’t old enough, haven’t come into their power, or have too little power are honorary members of the coven and attend gatherings, but do not take an active part in the rituals. Generally, three members of the same family sit in the coven.

Many witches & wizards have extended lifespans of a few years, so tend to live into their 100s. However, they are not immortal and most die at a “normal age.” Witches & Wizards can crossbreed with any species that is willing. However, they prefer to have children with dragons, angels, demons, warlocks, and sorceresses & sorcerers because it enhances their magical bloodlines.

Streghe is an haute couture fashion brand owned by a family of witches whose magic focuses on weaving and fabric, they trace their line back to Ancient Greece before moving to Rome during the early Roman Empire. Based out of Rome, the Streghe family has been one of the foremost fashion brands for supernaturals for centuries. They focus on high-end fashion, their prices in the 5-figure range with an exclusive clientele, as most of their clothes are custom designed, fitted, and handmade. The symbol for their brand is a pair of golden shears (scissors).

Another famous group of witches is the Caravaggio Coven. Once a powerful witch house, the Caravaggios were forced to give up their relics of magic when a witch feud spilled innocent blood half a century ago. JANUS stepped in and took away some of their spellbooks and magical items since they proved to be a danger to all supernatural people. Naturally, they’re super pissed about this and trying to find ways to regain their old power. They are known for their striking blue eyes. Mia Caravaggio, a treasure hunter who makes her debut in Distrust of the Dragons, is also known for lending her services to supernaturals and other magicians as she specializes in forbidden blood magic.