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Warlock, or “Oathbreaker,” is the gender-neutral term for a certain subset of humans who possess magical abilities. Embedded on both sides of the law, Warlocks derive their power from their intimate relationships with angels & demons. Once they pledge themselves to one or the other, their pact endows them with magic and the ability to wield special powers.

Called “Handlers,” when warlocks find themselves too far away, their magic diminishes, and as they get closer, it grows. Therefore, warlocks tend to hang around the supernatural underworld to stay close to angels & demons.

Warlocks are born with an affinity for magic, but it only manifests after they form a pact. Angels & demons have more control in this relationship, but if they fall in love with their “Vassal”—or, a warlock “fatally” wounds them—the roles are reversed.

Warlocks are “oathbreakers” meaning they can pledge allegiance to one side (angel vs. demons) but can summon and bind themselves to another Handler at whim. Pledging the first time is pretty easy as long as a Handler resonates with the warlock. Switching sides is harder and harder until they can’t do it anymore and lose their powers.

They don’t need to channel their powers through “magical conductors” like wands, but they sometimes do. Some have “familiars,” some don’t. They don’t use spellbooks but can learn related fields, and the most powerful warlocks are adept readers of arcane magic that enhances their innate abilities. For example, if their demon is a sex demon (incubus), they can pick up witchcraft/wizardry related to sex, which may boost their innate love spells.

Many warlocks have extended lifespans of a few years, so tend to live into their 100s. However, they are not immortal and most die at a “normal age.” Warlocks can crossbreed with any species that is willing. However, they prefer to have children with dragons, angels, demons, witches & wizards, and sorceresses & sorcerers because it enhances their magical bloodlines.

Some warlocks experience precognition through dreams, thought to be a link between them and their handlers. Almost all possess photographic memories which is beneficial to hoarding magic spells. All warlocks have tribal tattoos that act as pockets for their portal magic, which glow the color of their magic. However, they can’t teleport in the way we think of teleportation. They must have a destination in mind and strong focus, or they can be lost in a void-like space. Similarly, if someone or something doesn’t maintain a connection with their tattoo while traveling, they can die or disappear.