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Sorceresses & Sorcerers

Gendered. They are humans born with innate magical abilities because of intermarriage/sexual relations with dragons and humans in their bloodline. They don’t need spellbooks, familiars, or conductors. However, they are limited to their affinity from birth (Sapphire: Water magick, Ruby: Fire magick, Diamond: Air magick, and Emerald: Earth magick) based on the dragon hierarchy.

Many sorceresses & sorcerers have extended lifespans of a few years, so tend to live into their 100s. However, they are not immortal, and most die at a “normal age.” Sorceresses & sorcerers can crossbreed with any species that is willing. However, they prefer to have children with dragons, angels, demons, warlocks, and witches & wizards because it enhances their magical bloodlines.