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Rules of the Reaper (Mobsters & Monsters Preludes, #2)

Rules of the Reaper (Mobsters & Monsters Preludes, #2)


Prepare yourself for the deliciously dark shared world of Mobsters & Monsters with these riveting preludes. 

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Before you drown in the Mobster and Monster Universe there’s a few rules you need to know.

Some monsters live in the daylight.

Others play better in the dark.

But one thing they all have in common.

A human soul is priceless.

That’s where my story falls.

I’m a Reaper for Death himself.

Tasked with collecting souls for an endless bounty.

But I made a mistake.

Broke a sacred rule.

Trying to keep secrets from Death can only last so long.

Before the end of this story I’m sure I’ll have to answer for the crimes I’ve committed. Until then, make sure to never break a Rule of the Reapers.

 Be sure to read them all before the big series launch in March 2021! 

(Can be read as standalones, but for full timeline affect we suggest the order below)

★Mobsters & Monsters Preludes★

Bane of the Bears by Helena Novak

Rules of the Reapers by N.K. Stackhouse

Visions of the Vampires by T.K. Barber

Deals with the Demons by K.J. Sage

Distrust of the Dragons by Mira Kane

Outfoxing the Wolf by Chris Storm

Anarchy of the Archangel by Bex Taylor

Wed to the Warlock by Zelda Knight

Welcome to Mobsters & Monsters…where if you’re lucky, the things that go bump in the night will only steal your heart. ♥