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Outfoxing the Wolf (Mobsters & Monsters Preludes, #6)

Outfoxing the Wolf (Mobsters & Monsters Preludes, #6)


Prepare yourself for the deliciously deviant shared world of Mobsters & Monsters with these riveting prequels. Find out more at mobstermonsters.com

It ain’t easy being a lone fox in a criminal underworld run by wolves.

Finn O’Malley’s battle for top position in the underground fight circuits is almost over. Only one match stands between him and a big enough payday to support his young daughter. But when the predatory stares of the bloodthirsty crowds who swarm Seattle’s infamous Fight or Fright Club give way to the piercing blue eyes of his opponent, and he scents his fated mate, he knows all bets are off—and his target may be aiming for his heart.

It ain’t easy being the bodyguard of the most feared Mafia Werewolf in the world.

Jericho “The Wall” Lupogrigio lives for the fight, for the glory of victory. It’s all he has, the only legacy the lonely wolf can bestow upon his impressionable young son. When another challenger emerges, hungry for his title as the most vicious shifter brawler in the world, Jericho gladly steps up. The problem? His fated mate is standing across from him inside the Iron Circle, and now he’s not so sure if he wants to lose his heart—or win the fight.

It ain’t going to be easy outfoxing the wolf, but if Finn wants to save his daughter, he has no choice.

OUTFOXING THE WOLF is an MM romance and prequel novella set in the Mobsters & Monsters Universe, an interconnected shared world featuring RH, MM, MF, MFM, and beyond, guaranteed to leave you breathless and craving more. Finn and Jericho will have cameos throughout the rest of the series, but this novella does end in a HEA (HFN) for the couple! This dark paranormal romance series is intended for mature audiences, as it may contain scenes of gratuitous sex, violence, and cursing…and those are the good bits!

Mobsters & Monsters Preludes take place before the main series begins. These can be read as standalones, but we suggest reading them in the order below in order to catch a sneak peek into the stories to come.

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Outfoxing the Wolf by Chris Storm
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Mobsters & Monsters Novels Season One can be read as standalones, as each story is self-contained, but there is an underlying shared storyline threading through the stories to create a cohesive Season 1 experience!

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For more information, check out mobstermonsters.com, and stay tuned for more stories to take place in this exciting new universe!