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How To Detain My Mafia Demon (Mobsters & Monsters, #2)

How To Detain My Mafia Demon (Mobsters & Monsters, #2)


♥ Mobsters. Monsters. Reality takes a hard turn as creatures who revel in darkness invite you into an underworld filled with lust and love, sex and violence, submission and dominance, secrets, and power. Welcome to the Mobsters & Monsters shared world…where if you’re lucky, the things that go bump in the night will only steal your heart.♥

The Underworld is full, but the surface is fair game.



It’s been a year since I was sent back under. A year of dealing with the family business as usual, but with my failure on full display. Now’s my second chance. I have to do it right this time, get a proper ticket topside so that even if the humans catch on to what I’m up to, they can’t send me home just like that.

With a detective watching my every move, I’m not going to make the same mistakes as last time. I’m going to play the game, play the system, play her, until I get what I want; the Demon Mafia, above ground, my father, the Don, happy as a hound in hell, and me, ruling from the top.



For a year now I’ve been paying for the mistake I made. I’ve been pushing paper and walking the thin line between working at all and handing in my badge, but this. This is the last straw. Parol duty on a demon is worse than the bottom of the barrel. It’s the job you get when they want you gone because no demon plays by the rules.

I can’t lose this position. Being a detective is everything to me. I’m not going to let a wayward demon win… the problem is, the only way to control a demon is to own them. Unluckily for Kyros, binding a demon to me is the least of my worries.

How To Detain My Mafia Demon is an MF supernatural mafia dark romance novel. It’s set in the Mobsters & Monsters Universe, an interconnected shared world featuring MF, RH, MM, MFM, and beyond, guaranteed to leave you breathless and craving more. Book two features a tortured bad boy demon and a heroine trying to do the right things… even when they’re wrong.

⚠ Be sure to read all the preludes before the big series launch in March 2021! (Can be read as standalones, but for full timeline affect, we suggest the reading order below.) ⚠

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