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Anarchy of the Archangel (Mobsters & Monsters Preludes, #7)

Anarchy of the Archangel (Mobsters & Monsters Preludes, #7)


Prepare yourself for the deliciously dark shared world of Mobsters & Monsters with these riveting preludes.
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You call me Satan, prince of darkness, the fallen one.
But rarely am I known by my true name, Lucifer Morningstar.
The Archangel who’s stories are told to give mortals nightmares.
The master of seducing the evil and torturing the weak.
I am all the myths and so much more.
I am back in Settle to reclaim my club and end some unfinished business.
But first, join me for a drink and take a look at the world through the eyes of the Devil.
If you dare.

Be sure to read them all before the big series launch in March 2021!

(Can be read as standalones, but for full timeline affect we suggest the order below)

★Mobsters & Monsters Beginnings★
Bane of the Bears by Helena Novak
Rules of the Reapers by N.K. Stackhouse
Visions of the Vampires by T.K. Barber
Deals with the Demons by K.J. Sage
Distrust of the Dragons by Mira Kane
Outfoxing the Wolf by Chris Storm
Anarchy of the Archangel by Bex Taylor
Wed to the Warlock by Zelda Knight

Welcome to Mobsters & Monsters…where if you’re lucky, the things that go bump in the night will only steal your heart. ♥