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– Ghosts can’t speak directly to people. They communicate through objects still in the world or through dreams.
– There are two types of ghosts I’ve defined for my story: those who died a traumatic death and those whose bodies are stuck in limbo (i.e. comatose/brain dead what I’m using so far)
– Since souls are just energy that’s recycled in our world (gotta check) and some souls are marked at random (gotta check too), there’s no real afterlife. Think of ghosts as energy balls filled with such raw power they can resist getting recycled for a time (which basically means evading or seducing reapers sent to claim them)
– Ghosts that can take human form had some magical ability before death. Ghosts who can’t get reaped pretty quickly. They just leave behind bad vibes (that creepy feeling you get walking through a graveyard at night or something)
– Coma ghosts can basically detach from their human bodies, and the length of time is dependent on how strong their magic is. So some can only leave and kind of float above their own bodies, others like Kimani can follow someone clear across the country
– Ghosts need to be attached (called being “rooted”) to something living. So coma ghosts have their bodies until their bodies die. But they’re also attached to a person or thing and can’t be too far away when they detach. Regular ghosts are pretty much stuck wherever they were killed and can’t stray to far away unless some necromancer attaches them to their spellbook, or their thing is moved (a “cursed” mirror or something).
– Necromancy can bring ghosts back [all murky send help]