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N.K. Stackhouse

Reapers, Necromancers

I have been stumbling through this crazy author world since 2017 and seriously at this point, I’m just trying to stay alive.
I am just your typical twenty-something trying to keep myself from going insane each and every day.
When I am not immersing myself within made-up worlds and combating the voices in my head, I am either; spending time with the genius Hubby, trying to keep my three devious demon cats from destroying the world,
or reading my life away one page at a time.
I recently just traded in the beach for the mountains and moved halfway across the country.
So far, I am LOVING the low Colorado humidity and can’t say I miss the Florida heat.
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Rules of the Reapers

Before you drown in the Mobster and Monster Universe there's a few rules you need to know.

Some monsters live in the daylight.
Others play better in the dark.
But one thing they all have in common,
A human soul is priceless.
That's where my story falls.

I’m a Reaper for Death himself.
Tasked with collecting souls for an endless bounty.
But I made a mistake.
Broke a sacred rule.
Trying to keep secrets from Death can only last so long.
Before the end of this story I’m sure
I'll have to answer for the crimes I've committed.

Until then, make sure to never break a Rule of the Reapers.

How to Ruin My Mafia reaper