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K.J. Sage


KJ is a writer (obviously) a new mommy and a romance and magic enthusiast. She’s also a Gryffindor, but is unsure if we are still allowed to say that.
If you’d like to learn more about what KJ is working on, and her upcoming books, be sure to check out www.kjsage.com
If you want to chat with KJ and other fans of her work, join KJ’s coven from the link below!

Deals With The Demons


Being a demon in hell is—well, hell. That's why I went up to the surface as soon as I got the chance.
Now the proud owner of the Hot Aces Casino, I have a hand in every crime family's pot, and a plan that will take me to the top on Earth and under it. All I need is a bit more time.
That is, until a hot-headed dragon shifter is the first to figure out what I’m up to….


I’ve been shunned, rejected a complete screw up from day one. I know my temper is a problem but nothing’s ever been able to reign me in.
Until I got wind of an expensive secret, locked away in the vaults of Hot Aces Casino. It’s the one thing that can guarantee that I not only stay in the clan, but land firmly on top of it.
The only problem is the owner of Hot Aces, a demon as seductive as she is powerful. Amalia isn’t giving up her secrets—or her heart—without a fight.

How to Detain My Mafia Demon