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Bex Taylor

Archangels, Angels

British author Bex Taylor is the mind behind the Evervale universe, and one of the authors of the Mobster and Monster shared world.
Her characters are sassy, strong, cocky supernaturals all begging for their twisted stories to be told.
When she isn't putting her characters through turmoil, she can be found walking her two beagles, reading, or watching supernatural over and over.

Rules of the Reapers

Before you drown in the Mobster and Monster Universe there's a few rules you need to know.

Some monsters live in the daylight.
Others play better in the dark.
But one thing they all have in common,
A human soul is priceless.
That's where my story falls.

I’m a Reaper for Death himself.
Tasked with collecting souls for an endless bounty.
But I made a mistake.
Broke a sacred rule.
Trying to keep secrets from Death can only last so long.
Before the end of this story I’m sure
I'll have to answer for the crimes I've committed.

Until then, make sure to never break a Rule of the Reapers.

How to Bedevil My Mafia Archangel